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In 2015 Miller Consulting Group started the Center of Excellence to compete with the low-cost labor of the Indiana companies to which US companies farm-out their lower-end engineering work. What soon developed was a full blown program that is now developing a fresh pipe line of innovative talent that benefits our students, US businesses, and communities from an economic development position. Continue reading to learn more about the Center of Excellence.

How does this program impact the design engineering industry? Our program can teach students things that are generally not taught in four-year engineering programs. Students that come out of the Center Of Excellence program will have a solid foundation in overall design standards, experience in designing with different materials, and be able to accurately convey all necessary manufacturing information of a part – among other areas. This obviously gives them a huge head start when entering the design engineering field.

Describe how this program impacts the youth in Indiana: Our program provides high school students another option versus following the traditional 4-year collegiate path and provides college students with real life training while obtaining their degree. We feel that practical experience gained through our program makes an individual very valuable to the workplace and will increase their employability. This program also connects students with local companies, helping to keep fresh talent in local positions. These individuals will also be making money throughout the program to help offset tuition expenses, while they work towards their degree.

Describe how Miller’s clients benefit from this program: Our program was developed for many reasons, but one of the main reasons was to give companies a better option for outsourcing their design engineering projects.

Overseas options seem appealing due to their low-cost labor but many times end up costing more in re-work due to poor quality, difficulty with language or cultural barriers, while also demanding additional resources for project management and so forth. Our Center of Excellence program offers a similar price to overseas outsourcing but provides a superior quality of work while building a pipeline of talent in our own country.

All of our student’s work is checked by a senior staff member before going back to the customer to ensure that it is done right the first time. There are also the obvious benefits of better communication, being in the same time zone and avoiding language barriers, but more importantly, the opportunity of working with project leaders that truly understand your engineering needs is the greatest benefit of all.

What are your long-term goals with the program? Our goal is to expand the program to as many companies as possible and enroll as many young or entry-level students as we can. We see this program as a unique asset in the engineering industry and are exited to be the pioneer of such an innovative program that benefits our future leaders in such a unique way.

Learn more about the Center of Excellence from Founder and President Dale Miller.

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