Company overview

Miller Consulting Group is an established US based Outsourced Engineering & CAD services company that was founded on the concept of specialization. Whether it’s a large project, requiring several resources or a strategic outsourcing need, Miller has and continues to deliver customized, high value solutions for our clients.

As an outsourced partner we will provide better quality, speed, and consistency than contract staffing firms can. We will consult with you to develop timely, custom solutions for your engineering needs. Miller Consulting Group is a smart investment for your company.

Our mission

Miller Consulting Group works hard to provide you:

  • SPEED – we can onboard and integrate in less than 1 week
  • QUALITY & EFFICIENCY – our consultative approach and use of real data sets the right foundation
  • TECHNOLOGY – through conferences, seminars, and training our team stays ahead of changing technology and best practices
  • DESIGN – Industrial and mechanical design are just two aspects of our vast portfolio of services
  • TRAINING – Our software training will give your employees more capabilities and stronger skill sets to keep you ahead of your engineering projects
Customized Solutions

Looking for a trusted partner for your PLM & CAD projects?

Looking for a First-Class Outsourced Engineering Partner?